Mountains, glaciers, desert, caves, beaches…. Chile has it all! Therefore, this country is an amazing travel destination for outdoor lovers! Check out our posts below for some Chile travel tips and essential planning information if you want to hike at the Torres del Paine National Park – one of our most amazing trekking experiences!

Chile – our first destination in South America!

We definitely have a special bond with Chile. It was the start of our tour around the world and the end of our first attempt to travel the world due to Corona. Hopefully, we can continue the trip in the near future, because we still want to see so much more of this beautiful country! Obviously, we will provide you with more Chile travel tips afterwards!

4 reasons, why you should visit Chile

Reason #1: Epic & diverse landscapes

Chile has much to offer. Let us start with Patagonia, the southern part of Chile. If you love nature, this is probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. Cristal blue lagoons, mountains covered with snow, glaciers, endless landscape, wild nature and epic views. We were blown away by the beauty of Torres del Paine National park.

Further to the north, you have the marble caves, a spectacular phenomenon of nature, which you can even visit with a kayak! In addition, in this region you have many volcanos.

Did you know that you could experience all four seasons in a single day? Yes, this is possible in Patagonia. In fact, Chile is the longest country in the world and therefore has many different climate zones, which result in diverse landscapes.

Heading up to the north, you will reach the Atacama Desert, the driest nonpolar desert in the world. You want to see a crystal clear night sky? Yes, you can have this in Chile.

Or are you more the kind of person who can enjoy a really good wine? Check, Chile has well-known wine regions. We could continue talking about the beauty of Chile, but let’s head over to the next reason.

Reason #2: Beautiful wildlife

Even while driving in a bus, you see guanacos, flamingos and all sort of birds from your window. Our heart rates would go up if we spotted a beautiful and exotic animal. During our hike in Torres del Paine, two puma’s were spotted close to our camp (unfortunately not by us). We saw condors, a species with one of the biggest wingspans on earth!

Further in the south, you can spot Magellan penguins on ‘Isla Magdalena’ or king penguins on Tierra del Fuego. I mean, whom does not love penguins?

Reason #3: Outdoor activities

Next to this, Chile has so many outdoor activities to offer. You can do many different one- or multiple day treks, such as the famous W-Trek in the Torres del Paine National Park. You can also go hiking on glaciers! Next to this, you can kayak along glaciers or through the marble caves. It is even possible to explore the rough landscape on horseback? Are you in dire need of an adrenalin rush? Chile offers really good white water rafting spots. You have perfect circumstances for beginners as well as experienced rafters. Furthermore, you can do mountaineering, kitesurfing, mountain biking, skiing, sandboarding….

Reason #4: Chile as a great starting location

Our plan is to explore many different countries in South America. Therefore, Chile was a perfect country to start with. From the southern Patagonia part, we could easily make our way up north.

In addition, it is also a common route for backpackers. They often follow the Pan-American Highway from the south to the north or vice versa.

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