About us

Two Around The World? Yes… We did it.

No jobs, no apartment, and all our belongings stored in a box;

we finally started to “travel around the world”.

Well… That was our plan before COVID-19 hit the world! After 2 weeks in Chile, we had to go back to Europe.

Now, we again live in the Netherlands, have new jobs and a new apartment in Zwolle.

Until it is possible to travel again, we will focus on micro adventures in our own country, smaller or bigger escapes within Europe and a culinary tour around the world.

Do you want to know more about how we travel around the world?

Do you want to get inspiration for your next holiday?

Then you should not miss our next adventures!

Our aim is to inspire and provide you with information about

  • The planning
  • Travel routes
  • Travel experiences
  • Insider tips
  • Our culinary tour around the world (yummi recipes from all over the world)
  • Tips for micro adventures
  • Small and bigger escapes in the Netherlands and in Germany

Who are behind “two around the world”?

We’re Janice (German) and Ralph (Dutch), both 29 years young and keen to travel the world. That’s what we do now.

What we love during our trips:

Travelling (off the beaten track), adventures, nature, the feeling of freedom you get when you think you’re the ONLY person at this special place. Furthermore, we like watching stars, communicate with locals (or trying to), hiking, cycling, canoeing, snorkeling & diving, culinary highlights and listening to people playing guitar around a bonfire.

What we don’t like during our trips:

Mass tourism and crowded places, people who don’t respect nature and the local inhabitants, and tours with large groups. “Tourist guide restaurants”: places packed with tourists that got their idea from the same tourist guide.

Our favorite accommodations:

Special accommodations such as sleeping in a tree house, boat, igloo, flying tent, glass dome, sleeping in the jungle, homestays…, but let’s stay realistic, we’ll probably stay most of the time in hostels. Anyway, we prefer accommodations far away from luxurious resorts with all-inclusive offers.

Our travel experiences:

Janice: Travelling or living abroad is my passion. I spend one year in a Costa Rican host family and went to the local school. Further, I did a work and travel year in New Zealand & Australia, discovered Kenia and Siberia during my studies, and travelled through different countries in between. I also lived and worked for several years in the country of windmills, cheese and tulips (the Netherlands).

Ralph: Before I met Janice, I had little travel experience. Yes, I visited multiple countries in Europe, but I had no experience in backpacking. I especially love nature to chill and work in. Together we decided to travel to Vietnam and from there it all started. After Vietnam, we further visited Cuba, India and Nepal. We also traveled in Europe: Italy, Greece, Austria, France, Ireland, Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the Canary Islands.