South and Central America

You heard that people mainly eat rice and beans in South and Central America? Well, they do eat a lot of rice and beans, but they make it simply delicious. Did you taste Gallo Pinto or rice and beans from Costa Rica? While both are a dish with rice and beans, they still taste very different and we simply love them both!

Next to this, South and Central America has many cultures, which makes the cuisine very divers. You can find maize-based dishes like empanadas, tortillas, tamales and different sorts of sauces like guacamole, mole, chimichurri, pico de gallo and so much more.

In many countries, you will probably find the tastiest frescos (fruit juices) ever. From pineapple or papaya to cas, strawberry, banana, mango, marajcuja or a mix out of different fruits.